Jigsaw Antwerp

Hand & tailor made rugs

Handmade in Belgium

Jigsaw sheepskin rugs are handmade in Belgium.

Each organic sheepskin carpet is different in size, color (no artificial coloring) texture.
To complete this artisan work I take my time…
It is impossible to make 2 of the same carpets. Each result is one of a kind and makes them unique.

Give this offal skin a second life and order your dream carpet…..

Unique & trendy

A sheepskin carpet makes your interior cosy and makes a difference.
Give your interior a personal touch.

When trendy meets cozy or style meets design, jigsaw will sew them together.
All carpets are custom made, meaning unique pieces.

My designs are carefully created. Handpicks become an artwork in the most amazing texture combinations. All to guarantee a heartwarming result.

The details are not the details.

They make the design.

Made with love & passion.

Mieke stands for high quality and believes handmade carpets still offer the best result. There really is no denying that a handmade carpet goes a long way, as knowing someone has taken the time to make you something special is always heartwarming. The greatest gift of her studies in fashion design was the realization that her passion lies now in her carpets.